• Cataract Surgery
  • Biopsies and Lesion Excision
  • Pterygium and Conjunctival Surgeries
  • Laser Eye Surgeries
  • Botox and filler injections
  • Laceration repairs
  • Corneal and conjunctival procedures
  • Yag laser treatments
  • Lid surgeries and revisions
  • Lid biopsies and repair
  • Facial fillers, Botox treatments and facial peels

AMO Lenses

Dr. Martin is proud to offer a full array of AMO (Abbott) lenses - from standard, Toric, multifocal and now the Symfony lens and Symfony Toric lens.

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We are the only practice in the desert offering laser eye exams on innovative testing device called "iTrace".

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iStent certified surgeon for the Glaucoma Trabecular Microbypass Shunt. We can give you information on the iStent.

Dry eye and the desert

Tips to keep your ocular surface healthy and functioning.

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Cataract Surgery

Information about cataract surgery.

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About us

Welcome to our practice. This website is meant to give you a brief insight into our services and information about our office. We accept Medicare and most major insurances, like PPO's. Due to the increase in volume with "season" you may have to wait to be seen for routine appointments. For those wishing to be seen sooner, we do have a waiting list for when we have patients cancel their appointments. All questions should be directed to:

We will do everything we can to work you in, however - sometimes emergencies do arise and this is not possible. Dr. Martin covers the emergency room at Eisenhower Medical Center. She is Ophthalmology Section Chief for Eisenhower Medical Center.

Dr. Martin performs all of her surgeries at Eisenhower Medical center's outpatient surgery center. She started their eye surgery program 2.5 years ago and strives to provide patients the best care with both quality and compassion. The pre and postop nurses, OR personnel and surgical technicians all work as a team to provide the best surgical experience for the most important person - you the patient.

Dr. Martin is Winner of the California Senate - “Angel on Earth Award for Leadership & Excellence”, January 27, 2018. Click here to find out more.

We will continue offering traditional Medicare and insurance care, the concierge program in no way or means a choice that must be made.

Our Medical practice is full-and wait times may be longer than normal. While we'd love to accommodate everyone, we simply cannot as Dr. Martin is in surgery more and is a surgeon. We no longer offer refractions for glasses as we find too many barriers to patients getting the proper glasses made and "frustrations on both sides" since we are not an optical dispensary.

Any emergencies, "that you wish to be seen before your scheduled appointment" are offered, only if available, at a 75 cash fee, in addition to your normal exam fee. This is due to the fact it disrupts clinic, interferes with lunches and extends clinic hours. Otherwise, you may go to your nearest Urgent Care.