Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has made incredible improvements in technique, instrumentation and lens choices. The choice for lenses and postoperative results are almost dizzying.

Unfortunately, this has also led an area of greed and profit on the patient's dime.

Cataract surgery is now made to seem easy, with no down-time or risk of complications. Patients proceed through an assembly-line and often have both eyes done within 1 months' time.

We would like to caution you on lens choices, costs, speed and work-up. Remember, this is your sight. You only have two eyes (or in some patient's cases- one). This should not be a rushed decision. Your surgeon should choose your lens carefully, with your anatomy and measurements in mind- not the profit to be made. Ask your surgeon if they are choosing your lens and doing the calculations. Most of the time the technicians are choosing the lens powers.

Too many times, patients are rushed into surgery without optimizing the surface of the eye. This can change the lens power, and ultimately your final outcome.

Listen to your instincts and gut feeling. If you feel you are being pushed into something "that sounds too good to be true" - it often is. We encourage you to seek a second opinion. You essentially get one shot at this. Make it count!