We are pleased to announce that the practice recently added computerized laser eye exams to improve patient vision. The exciting new technology of the "iTrace" provides advanced diagnostic ability to better customize treatment options for our patients. The iTrace is an innovative testing device developed and manufactured by Tracey Technologies of Houston, Texas that incorporates "Star Wars" technology to deliver a more in depth analysis of how every eye functions and how the different components of the eye work together to provide vision. Additionally, the iTrace analyzes the optical alignment of the eye plus how your vision changes at night. The iTrace exam gives us unique and important information to help make diagnostic and treatment decisions that are more tailored for each patient.

What is an iTrace exam?


The iTrace exam is a very quick reading taken in your doctor’s office with an imaging device called an iTrace. The iTrace's breakthrough technology quickly provides technical information about your vision that is not available through other tests performed during a typical eye exam.

Our staff will position you at the instrument and will quickly acquire the data. It is painless, non-invasive and does not require your eyes to be dilated. Your doctor uses this unique information about your eyes to make clinical decisions.

How will my doctor use the information from my iTrace Exam?

The iTrace analysis can be used for solving many vision problems. For example, if you are interested in refractive surgery or LASIK, your doctor can determine if you are a good candidate. If you are in your 40s or 50s and not seeing as clearly as you did when you were younger, your doctor can know which vision component of your eye is causing the change. If you have a cataract, your doctor will use the iTrace information to help select the best intra-ocular lens (IOL) for your eye and to plan surgery. If you are having night vision difficulty, your doctor can analyze how your eyes see in light and dark conditions and possibly prescribe a different pair of glasses for nighttime. Most importantly, the iTrace gives your doctor information that has not been available through other tests, and this will allow him to customize his treatment options to give you the best possible vision.

Is the iTrace exam covered by my insurance?

As a new technology, it is likely that the iTrace exam is not covered by your insurance. However, we believe that the iTrace information is very important to make the best decisions for your particular circumstance and unique vision needs. Your bill will include a reasonable and customary charge of $100 for this exam. If patient choose premium lens for their cataract surgery, this amount will be deducted from total lens cost. Even if you don't choose premium lens, iTrace will give better surgical planning for your cataract surgery and choices for standard lenses.